Flourish :  To flourish and co-exist by being united and supportive to each other

FITAG has played a role in uniting all the 36 associations across Gujarat to create a support system for
every member of every association, help them flourish.


Knowledge : To share the knowledge available by all means

FITAG has been providing a platform of knowledge sharing by arranging various programs like ABCD,
GST Seminars, IT – Yatra, etc….


Networking : To increase awareness by extensive networking with each other

FITAG has been providing networking opportunities by visiting various exhibitions across India as well as
Abroad, Infocomm and Computex are examples of the same…….


Strength : To stay united and utilise the strength

FITAG, being united, have been able to show the strength in the cases like Flood-IT, Microsoft and
Online agitation…..


Protection : To protect common interest

The strength of FITAG has given protection to members in various fraud cases across Gujarat.