FITAG President (2009-10)


Dear Fitag Member,


Greetings and congratulations to begin a new chapter in the history of the IT industry in Gujarat. For first time ever in the state of Gujarat such event is taking place. I welcome you all to this grand gathering.


FITAG has been an old idea, which is now flourished within an interest and initiative taken by many people who have been the leaders of the fraternity in Gujarat. In fact, there is no such umbrella body on regional level existing across India. All the cities across Gujarat as well as India has their associa-tions and most of their problems are also common but this is the first of its kind of body in India to address those common issues.


I look at the FITAG objectives in nutshell as a five point agenda.


Flourish, Knowledge, Networking, Strength & Protection are the five points on which the foundation of FITAG is laid on.


  • Flourish - To flourish and co-exist by being united and supportive to each other
  • Knowledge - To share the knowledge available by all means
  • Networking - To increase awareness by extensive networking with each other
  • Strength - To stay united and utilize the strength
  • Protection - To protect common interest

FITAG proudly announces first ever IT Industry convention in Ahmedabad on December 19th 2009. The biggest IT convention ever to be held in Gujarat will be a showcase of technology with a human face as well as will be looking towards the prospects, problems & solutions in IT Industry of Gujarat.


FITAG Convention is a one day event focused on following agenda.


  • IT Business in Gujarat Challenges & Opportunities.
  • Overview of IT Policy & Government role in development of IT market in Gujarat
  • Best practices in E-governance
  • Interaction with Members association as well as with Vendors for common problems and their solutions
  • Technology updates

We welcome all the delegates and guests to the convention and hope that our intentions of sharing knowledge and to increase networking amongst each other will serve the purpose.


I am honored to be the president of rejuvenated FITAG and very much thankful to my executive body team as well as all those who have taken pains for the success of this convention.


With warm regards,


Kaushik Pandya

President - FITAG