FITAG has been an old idea, which is now flourished with in an interest and initiative taken by many people who have been the leaders of the fraternity in Gujarat. In fact, there is no such umbrella body on regional level existing across India. All the cities across Gujarat as well as India has their associations and most of their problems are also common but this is the first of its kind of body in India to address those common issues.

FITAG objectives in nutshell has a five point agenda.

Flourish, Knowledge, Networking, Strength & Protection are the five points on which the foundation of FITAG is laid on.

  • Flourish – To flourish and co-exist by being united and supportive to each other
  • Knowledge – To share the knowledge available by all means
  • Networking – To increase awareness by extensive networking with each other
  • Strength – To stay united and utilise the strength
  • Protection – To protect common interest

Objectives of FITAG can be described in brief as below:

  • To protect and promote the interest of the Business Community
  • To support and protect the character and status of the Business Community
  • In general to take the initiative to secure the welfare of the business community in all respects.
  • To make representation to Local, State or Central authorities. Executive of Legislative on any matter affecting the Business Community.
  • To advance and promote commercial and technical education for the members and public.

Why Necessary?

Bodies like FITAG are very much required in today’s market scenario, where there are multiple problems like competition, recession, LFRs etc… Only an umbrella body like FITAG can think of common problems and try to come out with a solution within a stipulated time period in benefit to the fraternity.

How it can help? Its advantages to community & state.

FITAG can help to many associations in many different manner like extending support in all kind of events. An umbrella or parent body can represent the entire community to broader platforms in comparison to any local association. FITAG’s representation is considered as the whole IT fraternity of Gujarat.

Another advantage is, due to existence and activities of FITAG, the local associations have started interacting with each other more frequently which improves the understanding and in turn is healthier for the entire community.  One of the motto behind arranging the convention is to bring all the associations on a common platform and update them about today’s and tomorrow’s trends in the Industry. Various programs every year will help to increasing the bonding between the associations as well as update their technical skills of the members. FITAG’s representation to the state and national bodies will protect the interest of IT community by a large extent.

The objects of which FITAG is established are: