Mr. Yogesh Thakker (2011-12)

(Past President's Message)

FITAG President (2011-12)


Dear Fitag members,


I feel proud n fortunate to be the second President of FITAG , during 2011/ 12.That was the time when Fitag has just started shaping well..lot of opportunities and challenges all around.


To built the trust in this umbrella body was the major challenge that time, which we could succeed with the help of our team and the beloved members. Resolving individual dispute with the vendors, price control mechanism, shaping of the individual associations, motivating them for value creation etc were major task during this time.


Since then FITAG has scaled newer and bigger heights, under the leadership of various Presidents and his team. Market and the members have now matured enough to understand and propel thro the any challenges from various fronts.


I wish this Umbrella body to create the valuable impact amongst the member association, individual members , vendors etc. I wish all the best to newly elected FITAG Committee Members to become a successful leader of “IT fraternity” in Gujarat.


Yogesh Thhaker

President – FITAG